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I sincerely pray that President Nelson Madiba Mandela will grace this game with his iconic presence. This World Cup is taking place on South African soil because of him. Just 20 years ago South Africa was barred from competing in international sport because of the atrocities of the apartheid politics and ideology. South Africa has indeed come a long way in a short time. Madiba will be joined by our youngest sensation, Keeshenka Pillay the eight year old who will be performing during the chrome hearts online closing ceremony before the game. Go Keeshenka! The vuvuzela has asserted its place as the FIFA musical instrument of choice. The vuvuzela vibe will be heard the world over. The vuvuzela song will become soccer's international anthem. The vuvuzela dance will be gyrated by young and old. The vuvuzela will immortalize the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

The vuvuzela has put South Africa back on center stage. The fears and the prophets of doom were proven wrong. The chrome hearts online shop skeptics are finally agreeing that South Africa is able and beautiful. The cynical who doubted that South Africa can develop the infrastructure to host the World Cup enjoyed the safety, security and luxury of that infrastructure. They even admitted to enjoying a ride on the Gautrain. Cape Town has finally been rated the best host city. chrome hearts online Thank you! Some every obvious benefits of the World Cup is that crime was down in South Africa this month. Transport was safe and secure and on time but for one airport incident. The jovial, vibrant spirit was contagious. I know of no one who can complain about the warm atmosphere in a wintry South Africa. This is it! This is the orange and red clash, contrast, competition and moment of truth. This is what this past month has been about. The coveted Soccer World Cup.

The Netherlands go into this final today at Soccer City in Soweto, Johannesburg, with an unbeaten record. They took care of Brazil and Spain took care of Germany. The Netherlands have a full tally of nine points from the group stage and were unbeaten in the second stage. They will play in front of a capacity crowd that will include kings, queens, princesses and presidents, emirs and bishops, and the fun loving chrome chrome hearts outlet hearts online store soccer crazy South African crowd. The crowd who the TV commentators dubbed as ignorant and not knowing the rules of the game of soccer. They were indignant on ABC yesterday about the constant booing of Luiz Suarez. Now you and I know that South Africans are passionate about their soccer. They know that a deliberate handball is not in the true spirit of the game. Yesterday, the commentators said that if Ghana converted the penalty into a goal that the crowd would not have been booing Suarez. Yes they are right indeed because Uruguay would not have been playing in this game today. The outburst by the commentators is indicative of the fact that their perceptual change and mindset about South Africa is but skin deep. Why are they so surprised about South Africa's otherwise well behaved crowds? The commentators owe South Africa an apology. Spain is the favorite team to win.

Van Marwijk the Dutch coach knows that Spain chrome hearts online store loves to keep possession of the ball and that he must not allow Spain to dominate the flow and speed of the game. The Dutch will have to at least get equal possession of the ball. Possession is 90% ownership and if you do not have the ball you cannot score. Even Dutch players like van Persie acknowledge that chrome hearts outlet Spain is the favorite team to win this World Cup. Both teams are strong and have great technical underpinnings or schools of thought about how to play the game and that will produce a titanic struggle. It is ironic that Johan Cruyff, a Dutchman, taught the Spanish how to play this possession chrome hearts online shop soccer. However some of the top goals in this World Cup came from the players in the Netherlands team. Now I pray that South Africa can maintain the World Cup spirit and momentum. South Africa can once again become the preferred port of call for business and tourism. Keep on developing South Africa's infrastructure in tandem with the proliferation of social justice for all. Invest in our young children. I for one am ready to give back to the country of my birth. Thank you to Shakira and Alicia and other philanthropists for partnering with South Africa.